Explaining the myth, what does magnetism do in slots?

magnetism in slots

Perhaps, you have already heard about the magnetism in slot machines, a secret to be able to win money in this kind of games.

Here we will tell you what this myth is about, an old trick that would consist of using magnets to manipulate the movement of the reels. Spoiler alert: This doesn’t work!

But if you want to know what magnetism is about in slots, keep reading and we will tell you the origins and details of this myth, and what measures are taken today, so that slots are safe.

Is it possible to fool a slot machine with magnets?

The answer is no. Or at least not anymore. The magnetism in slot machines worked when these games were mechanical and made of metal. The history of slot machines is very interesting, the first machines of this style had a handle on one side, which had to be pulled by the players for the reels to start spinning.

Over the years, these games became electromagnetic, having inside an engine also made of metal. So the trick that many players have tried is to use a strong magnet in order to have control over the speed of the reels. Thus, there was the possibility of forming combinations of symbols that generated profits.

A trick that had become very popular, and that for a moment came to give revenue to repeat players. They applied the trick, charged, and tried again in search of generating more profit.

To this day, this trick continues to resonate in the world, but we well know that times have changed, and therefore, this old trick is currently just a myth.

What about magnetism in modern slot games?

magnetism in modern slot

The trick of magnetism when playing online slots is obviously impossible to apply, since we do not have a physical machine. But the myth still floats about slot machines in land-based casinos.

However, the answers hold, it is not possible to use any magnetic technique to manipulate the results. And the reason is simple, the slots no longer have mechanical elements that control the speed of each reel and therefore, the payouts of each spin.

The development of technology has meant that this class of games has evolved, and that they are increasingly impervious to cheating. The slots currently have a CPU or a microchip with software that randomizes the combinations that determine the payouts. Each machine has an RTP (Return to player) percentage, which indicates the size of the return on what has been played.

Everything is specially designed to guarantee the user’s safety, not only the randomness of the combinations, but also the sound of the slot depending on what appears on the screen, the conformation of the symbols and the stages of the game.

This makes it impossible to break the security of a physical or virtual slot machine.

How to ensure that a slot machine is safe?

The precautions taken against possible scams are increasing, both in physical locations and when playing online casino games.

Guaranteeing user safety is a priority, and for this the companies that develop the software that make up the casino games, today, use top-level technologies.

In the case of online slots, for example, the results of the spins are generated by a random number generator, and it is also possible to verify the quality standards that developers have to meet in order for their products to be approved.

Choosing a secure platform to play, such as Bodog, also guarantees that there is a responsible and trained staff, who can be contacted if you have any questions.

Playing online slots is safe and fun

Playing online slots

From everything we told you above, we discovered that the possibility of manipulating the results of a slot machine, especially in the online environment, is not an option.

If we refer specifically to the possibility of using magnets to manipulate the reels, we see that it is just an old myth.

Slots these days are designed so that you can have fun, and have a chance to win big prizes in the process, while feeling safe and enjoying the experience. There are the most varied slot themes, for all tastes, and the ultimate goal is to have fun.

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