Differences between podcasts and casino streams

casino streams

Casino players like to keep abreast of what’s new in terms of games and strategies. With the natural increase in the number of players, it is increasingly common to find punters who broadcast their broadcasts in podcasts and streams (live broadcasts).

With the large volume of audiovisual material that bettors produce, it is common for doubts to arise about one term or another, as is the case with podcasts and streams. In this article, we will try to clarify what are the differences between streams and casino podcasts. Join us!

Podcast and casino streams

Gambling attracts the attention of players because of the possibility of offering a financial return, but it is not only about money. Bets also carry the possibility of winning or losing and stimulate the most primitive sense of man. Many hormones are released when gambling, the heart rate and blood pressure are altered, the player dreams of going far…

With so much emotion involved in online gambling, it is becoming more common for individual bettors to create channels to share their experiences. As virtual networks for sharing content are becoming more popular, the number of channels dedicated to gambling and betting is also growing. Let’s see some examples.

Casino podcast

Casino podcasts are on-demand audio files that players or casino owners create to talk about the games or the casino. In player-created podcasts, it is very common to find content related to bet management techniques, basic and advanced gaming strategies, and gaming news.

On casino owner podcasts, it’s most common to find promotional material from the house, talk about the features of the place, or content about a game that has been added to their list.

Casino streams

Casino streams are a direct audio or video transmission of content linked to the world of casinos. They can be from a specific casino or casino table, or they can be from a player who is live streaming his game performance through a platform.

Casino streams are widely used for broadcasting important matches or championships. If you like tournaments, Bodog often offers poker tournaments with big cash prizes.

Betting via podcasts and streams

podcasts and streams

Technical players are constantly learning and evolving. By analyzing themselves and other bettors, technical players seek to learn from books, audio material, and videos.

But it is important to know where to investigate each thing and which source is the most recommended for each one. Let’s see what they are:

Betting podcast

Gambling podcasts offer important tips for players and often discuss the ranking of the best bettors for many games. Poker, blackjack and baccarat rankings are published, showing the best players in each of these games.

Among the best gambling podcasts are:

  • Matchbook Betting Exchange: Produced by two betting experts, Jesse May and Aidan O’Sullivan, this podcast is best known to bettors. The two presenters host many other specialists and high-stakes players each week.
  • Behind the bets: From ESPN gaming analyst Doug Kezirian. In this podcast, both the weekly matches and the bets within them are discussed.
  • Bet the Board: Presented by Todd Fuhrman and Payne. This podcast analyzes the games from the point of view of the betting world.

Betting streams

Betting streams are much more varied than podcasts. As they are live broadcasts, they are ideal for following tournaments such as poker or blackjack, or even live participation of the players.

If you want to know how the most effective bettors operate, it is worth following the channels of some of these players so that you can learn more from them.

The best betting streaming sites are:

  • Twitch.tv: This platform, specialized in the transmission of games and shows, brings together millions of users.
  • YouTube: The pioneer of the video format also offers live broadcasts of many games. Due to restrictions by territory or by intellectual property rights, it stopped being the favorite platform of the users.
  • RuTube: The Russian YouTube competitor is used by many users, mainly from Russia and China.

Why are streams and podcasts booming?

betting streams

Podcasts and betting streams are booming due to the huge increase in this market. Due to restrictions on mobility and access to public places, more and more people are choosing online casino games. Out of this vast crowd of gamers, some have become technical or professional gamers, and naturally these gamers create and search for content.

Although little of this material is created in Brazil, it is quite common to find it on foreign sites —mainly American— with content aimed at casino game players. Surely the trend in Brazil is to follow its Yankee neighbor and considerably increase both the creation and consumption of podcast content and casino streams.

Tune in to the channel you like the most!

Did you like learning about podcast and streaming systems? Did you already know the difference between these two types of content? If you are a player who is interested in betting and want to learn how to overcome the house edge, you are on your way to achieving your goal.

Without a doubt, learning from other players and sharing your experience, whether through podcasts or streams, is the best way to become an experienced player and develop your own strategy. Have a great game!

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