Ann Walsh - Cariboo Author

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Moving to Soda Creek, a former Gold Rush boomtown in the Cariboo region of interior British Columbia, Kelly Linden and her father try to begin their lives again after a tragic family accident.


When my children were small, my husband and I often took them to the small community of Soda Creek. We had good friends living there and spent many Sundays collecting agates on the banks of the Fraser River, eating barbecued salmon, helping in the large garden and finding out about the problems of life in that small community. My children learned to ride their first two-wheeled bikes on Soda Creek’s dusty main road. We visited new calves at the farm close by and wandered in the small cemetery, reading the inscriptions on tombstones.

My girls grew up and left home. The first year they were both away at university, I missed them dreadfully and I spent a lot of time thinking about their growing-up years. The memory of a child’s tiny headstone in the Soda Creek graveyard and my own loneliness for my children came together and I wrote The Ghost of Soda Creek. Perhaps you could call it my ‘empty nest’ book. After the book was published I began to hear stories that there really is a ghost –a small girl– who has been frequently seen by people who live at Soda Creek. I hope she likes the book.